Sunday, March 7, 2010

Zoo Fun

Oklahoma had some amazing weather today. Instead of spending the day inside, we decided to venture out on our first family outing. We headed for the zoo for a little animal viewing and scenic walking.
Thanks to his aunt Marcy, Rowynn was styling in his little golfer outfit.
As soon as we got there he was ready for a refill. He got to eat next to the elephants in the great outdoors.

Daddy and son

I loved that the kangaroos slept on their backs. It was pretty funny to walk up on.
Our little monkey
We really enjoyed Rowynn's first trip to the zoo and I'm sure it is just the first of MANY! I love that we were one of the couples getting to push around a stroller. It feels good to be those people again.
We were blessed with a beautiful day and a beautiful little boy and a sweet girl. God is good.

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