Thursday, March 4, 2010


One of the biggest fears we had before and during the pregnancy was how we were going to sleep once Rowynn got here. It was a scary thought knowing that we would need to be able to put him down for a nap and not feel an urge to stand over him through the whole nap or need to check his breathing every two minutes.

Originally we had decided against using an apnea monitor but with the encouragement of my amazing OB and the great pediatrician that he personally called in for us, we went ahead with one while in the hospital.

For the past four weeks Rowynn has been hooked up to an apnea monitor. It is so helpful when he sleeps because we know that an alarm will sound if there is anything wrong but we are also able to "check" him without having to touch him. There are lights that blink with every breath so it makes it nice to be able to glance at the machine rather than disturb Rowynn's sleep.

This is the apnea monitor we are using. It is super simple to operate and we have only had one apnea alarm go off which was due to a nurse not putting the equipment on Rowynn correctly. Other than that, the heart fast and heart slow alarms go off every once in a while but we have no need to be concerned with those.

It does get a little cumbersome when we are out and about but we are learning how to juggle it along with his diaper bag and carrier. I love having it when driving in the car because I can always see that he is breathing. I'm glad we went with the monitor. I'm not sure I would be getting any rest if it wasn't for this thing! This monitor is the other thing I wouldn't want to live with out. In the past few days we have started laying Rowynn down in his crib for naps and even for bedtime. Having this monitor, where we can see Rowynn, brings comfort that he is okay. I love that I am able to watch him sleep without having to stand over his crib.

For us, these two monitors have really helped us feel comfortable while he sleeps. I highly recommend the apnea monitor for those parents that have experienced a loss and need a sense of comfort. As for the room monitor, it is the Summer Complete Coverage Monitor and it is AMAZING. The picture quality is fantastic whether it is night or day. When the room is well lit the picture is in color and when it is dark it is in black and white.

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Steph T. said...

What a true blessing from God to have this monitor! I am so happy that you have it.