Wednesday, March 3, 2010


Since the day we bought a pair of John Deere cowboy boots I had a plan to put them on my naked boy and take his picture.

Yesterday I did just that!
He got to lay in the sun for a minute while I got his next outfit together. I think he enjoyed being "naked" in the sun.

I love his blue eyes and chubby cheeks. I love to kiss this boy every chance I get.

Stupid picture won't load right.... bummer.

My preppy, country boy!
I read somewhere to take a baby's picture in the same spot once a month to measure growth. I chose the rocking chair in his room.

I'm amazed at how long he is. Maybe that means we'll have a tall boy?! I pray that he gets to be tall!! The odds are stacked against him though... oh well, at least he is handsome.
These were my amateur photos but you can see the amazing professional pictures that Kristen Mackey at Son Kissed Photography did by going to her website,, clicking on proof and enter RowynnSNewborn as the password. If you are in the Tulsa area, she is AMAZING! I highly recommend her and I'm excited that over the next year we will work with her every 3 months! I'm excited to see Rowynn grow up through her lens.


carrie said...

SOOOO CUTE, this baby is adorable. He needs to be a baby model. I love his eyes..

carrie said...

whoops didn't mean to post that multiple times! sorry! but hey, he's cute so why not exclaim it three times? lol

Steph T. said...

He is just precious! Cute pictures!