Saturday, March 13, 2010

Eye Update and Experimental Eating

I know it sounds like a wonderful combo!

First, I had an appointment yesterday about my eye and it did not go as I would have hoped. The inflammation is still really bad and he felt that it would be best to give me another shot so I could come off of the oral steroids soon.

Lets just say that the 12 days ago when he gave me the shot was better than yesterday. He didn't numb the injection site this time and he went much deeper than last. OUCH!! All day yesterday I felt as though I had been punched. It is still tender this morning but I'm hoping it will go away soon!

Along with the shot, he also increased my oral steroid for a few days in hopes that "hitting it harder" will do the trick.

I just ask for a lot of prayer. I know the power of prayer works and I am really ready to have my vision back. It has been very scary and frustrating.

On a lighter note! I was watching Good Eats on the Food Network and Alton Brown was giving advice and recipes for how he lost 50 pounds. I was pretty intrigued on one of the recipes because it looked kind of good and it was something I had never tried before.

It was this:

He toasted bread and then put smashed avocado on top. He then layered on marinated sardines.

Well, it was my first time trying sardines and though they taste like tuna, I really couldn't get passed the scales, tail and reddish stuff that is comes out of the inside when you bite it. Needless to say, the two bites are all I took.

I'm pretty proud that I tried something new though. I am such a food lover that I would rather try it once and know I don't like it than miss out on something I might LOVE.


CampbellsLove said...

So next time you do it, just put TUNA on it! That sounds yummy. I couldn't do the scales and tail either. Props for trying it!

Anonymous said...

you are brave, sardines...


Anonymous said...

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