Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Busy, Busy, Busy

It has been a jam packed week and weekend! Thank goodness Rowynn is such a good baby.

This past weekend we had a birthday party, my coupon class, dinner with friends and we finally made it to church!

I thought Rowynn was doing some tummy time... nope, he fell asleep!

Rowynn's first trip to church!

Tummy time on daddy...

Bath with mommy...
Kaitlyn and Ivan... thanks for my sweet clothes! I think I look pretty cute!!
and they kept me pretty warm on the cold Oklahoma day!
I had an eye doctor appointment yesterday and my vision was the same as last week. I am still on the oral steroids and the steroid eye drops plus he added the antibiotics back in. I will not have another appointment for 10 days. Let's all pray that my vision is better by then!
As for my working out. I have been doing the elliptical machine and my workout DVDs this past week. I worked out 6 days!! I'm pretty proud of myself but have felt discouraged because the steroids are affecting my weight. I swear that my face is rounder now than it was while I was pregnant! That tends to have an affect on my self image.
The coupon class that I attended was really good. I learned a lot of neat things but I'm still not good at having a good shopping trip. I really want to become one of those women who cuts out a large portion of my shopping bill. I guess it will all come with practice. I just hope to be able to blog about some $100 purchase that I get for $20. That's when I will know I'm saving us some money.

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Bearbie said...

Hello Baby Rowynn;

You are very welcome and you're look so cute in that outfit. Can't wait to meet you one day :).

Kaitlyn & Ivan