Monday, February 1, 2010

Not So Evenetful Weekend

Last week was full of activity. I subbed Monday through Wednesday and had a doctor appointment with errands to run afterward. Then, Friday hit. It was all down hill from there.

Thursday night we started getting freezing rain which lead to flickering lights, but thankfully the power never actually went out. Friday, snow started falling in the morning and did not quite until the late evening. This is what we were left with:


Can you see the ice glistening on the tree? It was beautiful with the sun hitting it.

Front yard
Because of the ice before the snow, Rusty has decided it is in our (Rowynn and I) best interest to not leave the house. So, I have not left the house since Thursday afternoon! As of today, I'm still asked to stay home since the parking lots are still icy and most likely slick.
Let me tell you what days cooped up inside of a house does to me. COOK! I think I have cooked 3 meals a day for the past few days. Not so good for the cleaning situation. So far I have made: sausage and potato soup with PW's rosemary rolls, burritos with black beans, PW's calzones, mini-meatloaves with mashed potatoes, french toast with bacon (twice), biscuits and gravy, mac-n-cheese with hot dogs and veggies and to top it all off, I made a dump cake with homemade fried apples. With all of that cooking, I really should get on the elliptical machine. I just can't seem to find the energy to workout. Hopefully I haven't gained 10 lbs. over this past weekend!
With only a few days to go until Rowynn arrives, I feel I can't change my body much so what is the point of trying. I guess I will have to work extra hard after my 6 week healing time is up. Maybe my doc will let me work out sooner than 6 weeks. Wouldn't that be a blessing?!
One of the ways I have passed all the time at the house, watching the birds (and other things that appear). Rusty's grandma gave us a bird feeder for Christmas and we decided to hang it on our back porch so I can watch the birds while I'm at the computer. Right now our porch is a food haven for many finch and some larger black birds with spots.
Last night we saw this guy enjoying the bird seed:

Not only have we watched birds and a bunny this weekend, I think we had a coyote in our back field yesterday morning! It was pretty crazy. It just laid back there for a while before heading for the brush.

So, my weekend wasn't full of any excitement but it was great to spend some time with Rusty before we have Rowynn to tend to.

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