Wednesday, February 10, 2010

The Rest of the Hospital Stay + Going Home

I don't know why we didn't get her face but this is Katie, the miracle worker, holding the our sweet little man

A very proud daddy!

Daddy's first diaper change in a long time. It was like riding a bicycle.

Rowynn was pretty content being with dad

Who knew changing a diaper could be so much fun?

Loving every moment with my son

I love giving him smooches

My friend Katie, her son picked out this outfit all by himself. He was pretty proud that Rowynn wore it. I bet one day they will be buddies.

These are his dino pj's, they have claw feet socks and it is SUPER cute.

I love watching Rusty with him. He is such a GREAT dad. So hands on and patient.

He's also pretty proud of his boy!

Our little sweet boy

Here is the full outfit!
He doesn't get put down very often!

As you can see!

Almost time to load up and head home. We just needed some footprints for the baby book.
We are snuggled in and ready for the drive home!
Off we go...
Yes, I'm in my slippers. My feet were too swollen for the shoes I wore to the hospital. But, we are ready for the car!
We are in!!!
Crazy story about this, a few seconds after taking this picture Rowynn's apnea monitor started going off (his pediatrician decided it would be a good idea for all of us if he wore the monitor for a while to keep track of his breathing and give us peace of mind). The monitor had given us alarms for a slow or fast heartbeat but never for apnea (which would mean he stopped breathing). I freaked out because he was under his blanket with just his head out. I ripped back the blanket and touched his foot. He was breathing just fine. Then, it went off again.
I had Rusty turn off the monitor for the ride home because I couldn't take the false alarms. When we got home, we figured out the nurse that redressed him after his morning weigh-in didn't put the monitor back on the right way.
I was a really scary moment for me and it brought back a lot of bad feelings. I'm glad that we have the machine but that false alarm was a very difficult one.
We got home safe and sound and since being home the monitor has not alarmed for apnea since. It does give us peace-of-mind when he or we are sleeping.


CampbellsLove said...

So sweet! He's a doll, I can't wait to meet him! I am going to get him something but I was kinda waiting to see what you guys needed now.

The sleep monitors are great. Sometimes they can do the false alarm thing, b/c after all they are babies, and tehy will move. But we had the monitor pad that we laid Anisten on, and even with the "false alarms" we still had so much more peace about her sleeping. Good thinking with that one for sure.

Congrats again to the both of you!!

Lacy said...

Raychel, he is a doll!! What a cutie! I am just so happy for you guys. I love looking at all the pictures and seeing you guys so happy. Rowynn is such a lucky baby to have you for parents. I hope we can meet him soon.