Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Our Little Guy

Here is our stork again. This time it brought us a blue bundle of joy!!

He likes his hands free but they tend to wake him up. It looks like one escaped the wrap job!

Rowynn's first valentine's day.... we celebrated with an outfit and milk!

Then he was fast asleep on daddy's chest.

When I saw this shirt it was a "must buy". It says, "I'm the little brother" and he has the sweetest and best big sister.

Grandma gave him one last bottle before she had to leave for Alaska. We sure do miss her a lot around here. It was a great visit and we are looking forward to her return.

Rowynn's first time in the swing. Mommy's arms needed a break and dinner needed to be cooked. He seemed to like it.

Just a little cutie!
My little monkey! He had stripped socks that match the shirt but a nurse at the hospital lost one. How do you lose a sock in the nursery at the hospital?! I would think there would only be just so many places it could go! Oh well, his cowboy boot socks went okay.
He fell asleep in his bouncy chair last night. It was super cute!

I put him on his tummy time mat today but he wouldn't do much tummy time. So, I rolled him over and let him look at his toys.
He decided to watch TV instead!
Things are going great around here. We are just taking in every moment with this little guy. I am so thankful that God blessed us with this amazing little boy. I can honestly say I am glad that he is a boy. As much as I wanted a little girl this time, it was best for me to have this little man come into my life.
I am able to look at him for him and not compare him to Abigayl. I know that one day I want a little girl and I am praying that we get a girl next time (hopefully 2 years from now Rowynn will have a little sister ;-) ).
We are getting used to having a baby in the house and learning his schedule. Our day is basically filled with feeding, burping, changing, kissing and cuddling. It is pretty perfect!


carrie said...

he is sooooooooooo cute.
kiss that precious boy for me!

Lacy said...

Let me tell you how precious he is!! Adorable! I am just so happy for you guys. Seeing his pictures just makes me so happy! I love the ones where he's asleep. So sweet and innocent. We would love to meet him sometime.