Friday, February 12, 2010


There are so many wonderful things about being a parent: kissing your sweet baby on the head, holding them in your arms, the way it feels when they grip your finger, when they sweetly rub your side while feeding them, they way they smell, all the smiles and sounds that come with sleep and knowing that they love you and need you.

Then there are the things that make it fun. I have learned with a boy that you have to be on your toes. We have already had a few potty accidents. But, we are a work in progress and continually having to learn a good way to do things.

For instance, Rowynn kept peeing out of his diaper and on his back. I was a little baffled on how to take care of the situation. Thankfully, the nursery at the hospital gave me their number so I called on them for help. This is sort of how it went:

Me: "The last few diaper changes my son has some how peed on his back. What am I doing wrong?"

Nurse: "What kind of diapers are you using?"

Me: "The same ones from the hospital." I later found out that I wasn't and changed to the ones they used in the hospital.

Nurse: "Are you tucking it?"

Me: "Can I touch it? He was just circumcised!"

Nurse: "Yes, you can touch it. It won't hurt him."

Me: *a little embarrassed* "Okay, we will try that."

So, we now know to "tuck it" so he won't pee out of the diaper. Girls don't pee out of their diaper, we are not used to this!

Then, we were changing Rowynn's diaper in his room (I'll explain in a minute why I specified) when all of a sudden, while soothing Rowynn while Rusty changed him, I was getting wet. I looked up and my sweet little boy was PEEING ALL OVER US!! I tried blocking the stream with my hand so it would drench his poor little face. Thankfully, urine is sterile so it won't hurt him but it is still a little on the gross side to have your son's pee all over his own face.

We were using pee pee tee pees but decided that they were a hassle and took the advice of our friend, Lacy, and started using a wash cloth to cover him. Especially since the squirting himself in the face thing happened for a second time!

On top of all of that, Rusty and I have both been christened with a large amount of spit-up, or should I call it throw-up? Lucky for Rusty, I was home to help him out a little. Not so lucky for me, I was home alone and had to try to function with warm, wet grossness all over me and all over him. You see, he wasn't done eating when it took place and you DO NOT take his bottle away until HE is ready!

So, the excitement has begun in the Stamper household and we are loving EVERY minute of it.


amy said...

Changing boys definately is challenging. Try to make sure it isn't sticking up either because then he gets it all over the front of him :) I am really enjoying reading your daily thoughts on the new baby. I am so happy for you guys especially after everything you have been through (or at least shared with us here on the outside). I am sure there has been much more considering "we" cannot truly understand if we haven't gone through it. He really is beautiful and so is your family. Boys really are a lot of fun!!

♥Georgie♥ said... son pee'd on me more times than I can remember that is until I got lightening fast at diaper changing

Treasure these moments, before to long he will be my sons age and you will be going...where did the time go...

You have a beautiful family!

Katie Smith said...