Thursday, February 11, 2010

More Pictures...

I am loving having this little guy around! I can't stop taking pictures. Which means I can't stop blogging about him. I guess my blog will just become a Rowynn chronicle.
I love looking at him when he is sleeping. So stinkin' cute. He likes to roll to his side.
Rowynn had his first try at tummy time. He's not a huge fan but he tolerated it for a minute.

I loved seeing Rusty get down there with him and sooth him and keep him entertained. Abigayl's first tummy time was when he was at work so I loved that he was here so we could share the moment as a family.

Mommy loves her boy
Who needs tummy time on a mat when you can do it on mommy and daddy's chest
He loves having those hands up over his head or down by his face.

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Lacy said...

I love the pictures of him asleep!! He is so cute. Can't you just snuggle with him all day? Those diaper changes are so tricky. It's so different with boys!! I love seeing these pics!