Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Bath Time

Okay so the first two pictures are not bath time just really sweet photos

Daddy with his little champ. I LOVE navy blue and red on this boy. He looks really good in those colors.

I figure someday I'll go back to getting ready. I guess my focus is on the boy and not myself right now. I just love holding him and feeding him and watching him sleep. Really, I don't thing there is anything I don't like about him!

First bath at home. Thankfully, Rusty recorded his whole first bath in the hospital so I was able to see you the nurse did it. I just copied everything she did and it was a breeze. Much easier than Abigayl's first bath.

Rowynn loved it. He was so calm and sweet during the whole thing. He REALLY liked having his hair washed.

I'm not sure why the bathroom shots turned out so red. If you have any photo advice, please leave it in the comment section for me.

Isn't he sweet?!

Loving his warmed up (thanks to my neighbor Darla who gave us a towel warmer) towel
So happy and content

All clean!