Friday, February 19, 2010

Belly Bandit... So Far

I posted before Rowynn was born that I was going to try Belly Bandit (a waist wrap) after he got here. I didn't use it right away since I had had him via c-section and didn't want to affect my incision.

After discussing it with the doctor, I put the band on 2-3 days after he arrived. I have worn it, for the most part, night and day except when in the shower. I must say that I am pretty happy with the results thus far.

After Abigayl was born I looked a few months pregnant for a a couple of weeks and with the belly band I have seen a definite difference in my tummy post delivery.

I know there are some of you lucky women out there who had no reason to worry about something like a belly band but for those women who are not as lucky, this thing is GREAT!

So far I have lost 7 inches from my tummy! I lost half an inch just in the past couple of days. I really can see a difference and I am really pleased with the results. I will keep you posted on how things go. The directions for the Belly Bandit say to wear it for 6 weeks which means I only have 4 more to go!

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