Wednesday, February 10, 2010

First Outing

Tuesday we had our first outing with Rowynn. He and I had doctors appointments in the afternoon. It ended up being a full day out and about. We went to my appointment first (my feet are swollen and my calves have been cramping, just making sure all was well. Seems it is just fine, just normal swelling and isn't as bad as what he has seen.)

Then, we needed to get the paperwork in order for is SS card and birth certificate at the hospital since they "forgot" to take care of it on the Friday that I delivered and I was released on Sunday when she doesn't work. The lady was super nice and a very talkative person so it made us late for Rowynn's first check-up.

Thankfully, the doctor we chose has a very friendly office and they were not upset that we were 15 minutes late. I felt bad though, Rowynn was ready to eat by the time we made it back to the room. Seeing that I have been attempting breastfeeding and I have not mastered it, we occupied the room for 30 minutes before we even saw the doctor! Then, I had to use it for another 20 minutes so I could do the other side.

We left the house at 12:30 pm and finally made it home at 4:30 pm! Rowynn's appointment was at 2 pm and we walked out of the office at 4 pm. I felt really bad about that especially since when we walked out of the room the whole waiting room was PACKED. Oops.
These are Rowynn's cowboy boot socks... LOVE them!

How cute does he look in his little brown outfit?!

Amazingly, our whole family ended up matching that day. Not on purpose.

When Rowynn was born he weighed 7 lb 12 oz and when we left the hospital he was 7 lb 5 oz. At Rowynn's appointment he weighed 7 lb 9 oz! I was glad to see that the breastfeeding was successful.

Time to be measured... 21 inches
Such a good boy... he didn't cry at all. Except to let me know he was hungry!
I love my boy SO much.

And so does the daddy....

a lot.

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♥Georgie♥ said...

OMGosh he is adorable!!! You have a beautiful family!!!