Saturday, January 30, 2010

Spoiled.... AGAIN!

Twice this week I came home to wonderful packages. Early in the week the FedEx man brought me this:
This is my new iRobot Roomba. This came from my WONDERFUL mom as a joint gift to Rusty and I for our birthdays. This is the handiest, neatest, most wonderful invention EVER!

I finally was able to use it on Thursday for the first time. This thing did an amazing job getting my hardwood floors swept. One of the really great features is the schedule. I have it scheduled to vacuum Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 10 am. So, Friday, off he went at 10 am sharp. What was really cool about watching him both days was that he learns the layout of the house and tends to bump into things less often. Really great. I love that I don't have to worry about vacuuming my hardwood floors anymore. THANKS MOM!!!!

Then, a couple of days after receiving the Roomba, I had another package sitting on my porch when I came home. This box came from my cousins, Mike, Amber and their son Trevor (his wife is more like a sister), in California. When I opened the box, I found this:
A really pretty box that goes wonderfully with Rowynn's decor. I will be able to use this in his room.

Inside of this box was all of this:

Rowynn's first flashlight, the stuffed animal, you squeeze the handle and it plays music and turns on a light in the mouth. There was a rattle, Pooh thermometer (picked out by the sweet Trevor) and a camo onsie, hat, bib and blanket. Mike is in the armed forces, of course Rowynn needed camo so he could be like Mike!
Look at all these summer clothes! I LOVE the swim outfit. Those little shorts have a built in diaper so I don't have to buy the swimmer diapers. How genius is that?!
Plus, there were these forth of July outfits. I am so excited to get to see Rowynn in all of his summer clothes.

Mike, Amber and Trevor spoiled Rowynn. I love it all and I can't wait to see him use all of his gifts.

I love you guys. Thank you so much for such an amazing package. I am SO looking forward to summer because I want to see you guys.

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