Saturday, January 9, 2010

Shower Time

Be prepared for A LOT of pictures and a pretty long post! Today was my baby shower and it was hosted by my friend Katie at the Hampton Inn in Bixby. Katie did such an amazing job decorating and hosting. Thank you Katie for all of your hard work and for making it such a special day for me. I am also SO grateful to all the girls in my Sunday School class, they provided some VERY good food and helped out so much. It is amazing to me that I have become so close to this group of girls in the past year and half. I honestly do not know what I would do without their support and friendship.

When God took Abigayl to Heaven that day, he placed many God loving women in my life. Through them, I have gained strength, comfort and a lot of great laughs. I know that God placed each of them in my life for a reason and I am so grateful for all of the wonderful friends God gave me through the passing of my sweet girl.

I know it is hard to see, but in the picture there is snow falling! Yes, it snowed on the day of the baby shower. Thankfully it wasn't much, just enough to be beautiful.

Here are some of the AMAZING women I have grown so close to over the past year and half. These beautiful women work at the 6th Grade Center (which is my favorite school to sub at) and I have gained some amazing friends out of my days in their school.

These are a few of the girls from my Sunday School class. I love them all dearly and am lucky to call them all friends.

These are my two sister-in-laws. It is so great to have such wonderful family here when my whole family is so far away.

More fantastic women from Sunday School and two of my wonderful friends from college. I am so happy that I have been able to remain close to my college friends. I know that we are all doing different things but it is great to come together after all these years and still have a good time.

I have met these fantastic women through Rusty and I am so glad that I did. They have been there through quite a bit and I am so glad that I was able to celebrate with them today.

Katie is measuring my belly for one of the games we played. It is amazing to see how big the strings would go!
Not only did we play the string game, Katie also melted different chocolate bars into diapers and we guessed what bar was in each diaper (talk about making me crave candy!), she also covered up the labels on baby food and we had to guess the kinds just by smelling them. I can say that there are a few kinds I am not looking forward to having to feed Rowynn. Yikes, some of them REALLY stink.

Checking my mother-in-law's string... just a tad too big. Very close though!

I loved seeing how big some people thought I was! After looking at some of these pictures, I am A LOT bigger than what I had thought.

Kayla was our winner! Kayla turned 6 yesterday... Happy Birthday Kayla! Kayla's string was spot on with mine. She did it all on her own too.

Katie with the cake. My friends Erin, who couldn't be here, provided us with a delicious and beautiful cake (cheesecake!) from Ludger's. Ludger's cheesecake is my absolute favorite. Thank you Erin. I really wish you could have been here today. You were missed. I love you and I thank you.

Not only is it cute and sweet, it is YUMMY!

After cake, it was time to open all of the presents.

I didn't want to put every picture on from the opening because there was A LOT but I had to share this sweet outfit. Rowynn will be so preppy in his sweater, khakis and matching little hat.

My in-laws watching the festivities!

Yay! The monitor I registered for. It is a camera that can be used in daylight or at night. Do you see how low he sits? My belly rests on my legs when I am sitting! Chunky monkey.

Rowynn's bouncer. It will be interesting to see if he enjoys his bouncer as much as Abigayl enjoyed hers.

Perfect fit, don't you think? I love how it looks like my head is on the outfit!

Sweet Leah. Just a precious little girl and such an amazing big sister to her little brother, Gavin.

My sweet friend Katie. She did such a FANTASTIC job today. I know that she put a lot of hard work into making this day what it was, PERFECT.
Here is a run down of all the great stuff we got for this little guy. I must say, he is spoiled already and we haven't even met him yet.

Yes, these pants have a little tail on them! As do the shirt and socks. LOVE IT!
Again, I want to thank everyone for making this day so incredible for me. I felt so loved and supported today and I can't wait to share my little bundle of joy with all of you.
I couldn't have asked for a more perfect day and I couldn't have been blessed with better friends and family. I am so grateful for all the love God has placed in my life.
Thank you.

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Katie Smith said...

Love all the pictures! The shower was really fun! So glad that I got to be a part of this welcoming to Rowynn. I love ya girl.