Friday, January 8, 2010

Wii Bit of Fun

Last night I hosted a Wii party featuring these two games:
I was able to have the party thanks to: I am a member of, which allows me to try new products for free and then do a quick survey on the product. Through First Taste, I found out about House Party and a party that they were sponsoring for Your Shape with Jenny McCarthy and Jell-O Mousse Temptations.
After completing a quick survey on House Party's website, I was later chosen as a host and a box arrived in the mail with the two above games, coupons for free Jell-O Mousse, headbands, spoons, napkins and coupons for money off of the game and the Jell-O. The best part, I didn't pay a dime for any of it! Yes, I got the two games above for FREE!
So, to entice everyone to come over, I made lasagna and salad (and let Olive Garden provide the bread sticks!) and then served the Jell-O as dessert. After some girl time of talking and laughing, we headed in the living room for some dancing! I think everyone had a great time with Just Dance. There are 30 songs to choose from and you follow the movements of the girl on the TV. The best part, it gives you points when you do the moves right, which makes you competitive with the other girls.

I really enjoy the Jell-O Mousse. I think the texture takes a little getting used to but I really enjoy the flavor. Plus, there are only 60 calories per cup!

Here are the girls getting down to "Cotton Eye Joe". It was GREAT!

In came the next group, sure enough the preggo lady got in on the action. (I think my back is paying for it today!) We were groovin' to "Just Dance" and it was hard! Lots of fun though.

As for what follows, I think the girls may hang me out to dry for posting but, I thought it was too good to let go. We are just having a REALLY good time.

Hopefully next week we can get together for another dance party and I will not take my camera along! I love you ladies and I'm glad that you all came out last night. Please don't be mad that I am sharing this, it just shows what fun, great ladies I have as friends.


Katie Smith said...

I so really didn't want to be on this!

The Andersons said...

I love it!!!!