Wednesday, January 6, 2010


Here I am, in all my glory at 35 weeks. The belly just keeps getting bigger! But, with only 4 weeks and 2 days (or 29 days) to go, it can't get that much bigger, right?!

Rowynn's walls are close to being finished! Here is the tri-color room from the closet.

Here is a shot from the door into his room. The week that he is due, so are his curtains! Hopefully the curtains come before he does! I think it looks better just having the vertical blinds down. I can only imagine how pulled together it will be once his navy blue drapes come in.

Lastly, I bought some eye cream at a department store that I had a gift card to. After much thought, I remembered my mom using this book (an older edition) when I was younger to help with my high school skin problems. Well, I wanted to make sure that the cream that I bought wasn't a dud and went to the library to read up about the product. I am so happy that I did! After reading about the line I bought from, I found that she gave them poor reviews for most of their products and they are extremely over priced.
So, today I am off to return my over-priced, non-effective eye cream to get something more reasonably priced and with a better review, from another line!
If you have never used this book or heard of this book, I highly recommend picking it up at either your local library or buying from your favorite bookstore. There are a lot of helpful hints and reviews in there. I am about to save some $$$ and that makes me pretty happy.

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Anonymous said...

I LOVE that book!! And her website is great, too. I use a lot of her skin care products, too.