Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year!

My friend Sara came to our house for some food and games last night. Our menu was: steak, twice baked potatoes and bacon wrapped, cheese stuffed jalapenos. It was pretty darn good!

To finish it off, we had this:
A peanut butter cup brownie bottom cheesecake.

I'm pretty proud of myself because it is the first cheesecake I have ever made. I think it turned out pretty good. The brownie was a little hard but the whole thing still had good flavor.

After dinner, we played Wii up until it was almost midnight. Then, we watched the ball drop on TV and watched some fireworks. Rusty was awesome, he trekked out in the 19 degree, snow covered ground of a night to light them off. Sara and I watched from the deck and ran inside between the two shows, where we had a fire going!

After our fireworks, Rusty and Sara had some champagne while I had my sparkling grape juice. It was great to toast in the year with a great friend after a really fun night. My belly was quite full by the time I went to bed because there was a lot of snacking going on after dinner settled.

I am looking forward to my 2010. I know that it will be full of love, friendship, a new baby, joy and happiness. We are so blessed with knowing Rowynn will be here soon and I am looking forward to having our house filled with the sounds of a baby. I can't wait to change diapers, do the feedings and juggle our lives around his schedule! I don't think 2010 could get any better than that.

I pray that all of my loved ones, friend or family, have an amazing, blessed year. I look forward to the journey that is ahead. I look forward to getting to share that journey with you. I can't wait to once again have this blog filled with sweet pictures of a little baby and every detail of his life typed for the world to see!


Jamie Jo said...

Happy New Year! I am excited to see the little guy too! :)

Jill said...

Wow that cheesecake looks AWESOME! So glad you had a good New Years Eve! I'm looking forward to this new year too! Love you girl ;-)