Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Belly Bandit

I read an interview with Brook Burke in a parenting magazine one day and found out that one way she helped get her pre-pregnancy body back was by wearing a belly wrap. Brook liked the results so much that she came up with her own line, Tauts, which can be bought at www.babooshbaby.com.

I guess wrapping the belly post baby has been around for years in many other cultures. Wrapping the belly can help reduce the size of the uterus (which helps reduce the size of the tummy) and supports the back. After reading up about it I found that it was something I wanted to try after Rowynn gets here. After having Abigayl, I looked a few months pregnant for a little while. Having a c-section makes it very difficult to do any activity that would help lose the belly. So, I thought that wearing this band for 6 weeks, day and night, would be a way to reduce my tummy without having to exercise (because I can't).

After looking at the web, I read a lot of reviews about Tauts vs Belly Bandit. I found that they both worked the same way but the Belly Bandit was cheaper and there were more options (original, couture and bamboo). I chose to buy my Belly Bandit from www.breakoutbras.com because I found a coupon code, bb39702, which gave me 15% off. I bought the original because it was the cheapest, ~$45, where the couture is ~$55 and the bamboo is ~$65. Breakoutbras.com does not charge for shipping, which was a huge draw for me, and I received it in 3 days!

These are the results they show on the box. I know that I won't look like that because I didn't look like that to start. I am hoping I will look similar to my original body though!

The box says that was designed to help: look slimmer, loose inches faster, reduce discomfort, minimize stretch marks, doctor recommended, add support while breastfeeding, provide comfort after a c-section, assist in the healing process, support back and legs, improve posture and restore confidence.

So, I will be slapping this baby on as soon as possible after Rowynn gets here. I will let you all know how it works! I'm hoping that it works REALLY well.


CampbellsLove said...

Breast feeding will help tremendously as well! -- When you are nursing, it will cause your uterus to contract and shrink up. After all it is how our bodies are designed! On top of that, you'll be burning a massive amount of calories also! I have heard ( personal ) mixed reviews on the BB. Update on how it works!!

Anonymous said...

That sounds really interesting..I may have to try it. I have dropped 20 of the 42 pounds(in 10 days) that I gained..and I have just been eating really healthy and tons and tons and tons of water!!!
With all the exercise you have been doing...I am sure it will just melt away!!