Monday, December 28, 2009

Paint on the Walls

We are well on our way to a nursery! Yesterday, Rusty started the painting. First he did the ceiling and it looks SO much better. The "white" that was on the ceiling looked so dirty and now the light blue looks crisp and clean.

Poor Rusty, he came out with neck and shoulder pain after spending an hour looking up at the ceiling. He did a great job though and it looks wonderful.

After a small break, he tackled the walls with the second shade of blue. I am so happy to actually see blue on Rowynn's walls. It is starting to look like a boys room, slowly!

I'm really looking forward to seeing the navy blue drapes up on the window. I think it will really make the room pop. In the above picture, the wall that is not blue, will eventually be a yellow wall. My original plan was to paint the entire room blue and then run a yellow stripe above crib level, so that all of the wall hangings would hang in that stripe. But, after talking about it, we decided it would be 1) easier and 2) break up the blue, if we made one wall solid yellow.

I'm looking forward to a finished room. I know that we are still a ways a way from that but, with only 5 weeks and 4 days (or 38 days) to go I'm hoping it will be completed soon!

This mommy is ready to decorate!!

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Anonymous said...

I love the blue you chose! It looks fantastic. Nice job, Rusty!
Since I can never remember my's MOM. :)