Friday, December 18, 2009

Moving On

Now that Rusty has "completed" the laundry room (sans a few minor details), he started on Rowynn's room last night.

Rowynn's room used to be our guest bedroom. There was quite a bit of furniture to move out before anything could be done. So, once all the furniture was moved out, he tore up the yucky, stained carpet and removed the baseboards. He also got a little taping in so that it will be ready to paint over the weekend!

YAY, no more stained carpet! Looks better already ;-)

This was our purple room and Abigayl's room was the blue room. I did that so that no matter what we ended up having we had a nursery already painted. Well, when Abi came along, I decided I wanted to use the blue room as her room! Now we will have two VERY different blue rooms.

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