Thursday, December 10, 2009


I needed to do something for my little Rowynn, so I made the letters for his wall. Though I have no where to hang them yet, they are done and ready to be displayed!

I bought plain wood letters at Hobby Lobby so I could decorate them the way I wanted. For Abigayl's letters, I bought the plain white ones at Babies R' Us and spent WAY to much for what I got. I decided to save money and make cuter ones this time.

The theme in Rowynn's room is vintage mickey/sports. The bedding is navy, red, cream with some accents of yellow and sky blue. We are going to paint his room sky blue with a yellow stripe around the upper center. The yellow stripe is where the letters will hang. I decided to pull out the darker colors from his bedding for his letters.
Here is the finished product......


Anonymous said...

That looks Fantastic!!! I need to do that, but I am not where near as talented as you are!! How will you hang them?


R and R in Oklahoma said...

I will attach ribbon to the back with hot glue. If there was a way to hang them flat on the wall I would. I'm just not sure yet on how I would make that happen.