Monday, November 2, 2009


Rusty continued work on the laundry room this weekend! It is moving right along.

This is after he took down the shelf in the closet and cut a hole in the wall to make way for the door. What a blessing... it was already framed for a door to go in that exact spot!

I can now see into my closet, bath and room from the laundry room!!!

He also made a frame to cover the plumbing work.

Then he put on some sheet rock (which I will paint green) then he is going to lay wood on the top (which I will stain and varnish).

No more hole! He installed the door and the doorknob.

Until he gets the molding up we have beautiful red tape to keep the drafts (and bugs) out.
Along with everything else he did this weekend, the walls also got taped and are now ready for some mud.
I'm so excited to get to see the finished product. Rusty has been working so hard on this and though there isn't a lot done that is in in the final stage, it already looks 10x better. (You can see the before pictures/blog here)

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