Sunday, November 8, 2009

Trivia... Hard Stuff!

Last night, we were invited by our friends to join them at a trivia fundraiser at our local high school for the girls basketball team. This was such a fun idea!

Rusty actually said that next year he would be interested in buying a table... I like the sound of that!

The way it worked, someone bought a table and then invited guests to join the table. You could buy raffle tickets to win prizes throughout the night or tickets to win half of what money was brought in. We spent $10 and received 12 tickets for the random prizes.

Well, that $10 paid for itself when my name was called for a $50 gift certificate to a tractor place. Looks like Rusty is getting a $50 gift card to a tractor place in his stocking!! That's not all though, my name got called a second time! This time I won an envelope that had a bunch of small gift certificates. In that envelope, we won a free XL pizza, 6 in. sub, cookies, donuts, kids meals at Red Robin (we gave those to our friends) and some discount coupons. It was GREAT!!

We were part of table 10. These lovely ladies made most of the points for us! I didn't know 98% of the answers to the questions. Granted, a lot of the questions were for before I was born. Our table was a little split: 4 young ones that weren't born during the time a lot of the questions were geared and then 4 lovely ladies that were a wealth of knowledge.

There is my handsome husband... see him peeking from behind the head of the lovely lady at table 10?! Look how many people were there! That was only half of what I got in the shot.

I love the way she is looking at him. I just thought that was a cute picture.

Ah.. now they are both looking. I know my photography skills need some help. But aren't the Smith's a super cute couple?! Thanks guys for letting us join in the fun.

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