Monday, November 23, 2009

Cabinets Begin

Last night our friends, Jake and Lucy, came over for some dinner and cabinet hanging. I'm so thankful that Jake and Lucy were willing to come up. It saved my back from some not so fun lifting.

It was nice to get to spend the evening chatting with them. They are such a great couple and such sweet people.

After our dinner, which was: rib eye steak with a whisky cream sauce (PW), fiery shrimp (Paula Deen), twice baked potatoes, broccoli/cheese casserole and Twinkies tiramisu, Lucy and I watched as Jake and Rusty did some install work. I'm sure that the guys felt no pressure whatsoever!

I found out during dinner that Lucy hadn't had steak in almost 10 years and that she isn't a fan of shrimp with the legs still on. What a trooper she is, she ate the steak anyway! So, I made sure that part of our dinner conversation was what her favorite foods were. Next time they come up for dinner, I'll be able to make her something that is fit for her taste.

Rusty didn't want to make Jake do any unnecessary work. He just asked that he help hang the ones on the wall and carry in the one that will go under the hanging cabinets.

Before bed, Rusty completed one set of hanging cabinets. This is the set up for all of the one hanging on the wall.

Also, look how crisp and clean the walls are! Rusty got the room painted Friday and Saturday so that they could get the cabinets up. It is so nice to have a clean room!

No more dog rubbing on these walls!
Today I plan to get the door painted and touch up some spots on the cabinets. That way we will be closer to a completed project.
Rusty said that he will finish the hanging of the cabinets tonight and, if he has time, get the cabinets on the floor set and the counter top installed!! Not much longer now.

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