Thursday, November 19, 2009

28 Weeks...

This week I am 28 weeks! I had a doctor appointment today and all went well. Rowynn's heartbeat is still strong and steady. Plus, he is a MOVER! This boy is very active. He likes to kick, roll, punch and do what ever else there is to do inside mommy's tummy!

At my appointment today, I found out that I get to start going in every other week. I was VERY shocked that we are at that point already. I thought I had another month to go until we started that routine. Oh well, I guess time will fly faster than it already is!

Here is my growing belly...

I'm loving pregnancy this time, I don't feel so fragile about my weight. Maybe it is because I am doing more to watch the weight!!

For a while now, I have been tracking how long until Rowynn and Erin get here. Erin is my bestest friend! She lives in Seattle and we went to high school together. She surprised me one day by asking if she could host the baby shower and fly out to attend. So, Erin will be here really soon!!

When I first started the board, there were over 100 days until Rowynn's arrival. It is crazy that we are already down to 78 days! I am just so happy that we are going to have a little one back in our home. I can't wait for the feeding, sleeping, changing, crying routine. I will cherish every dirty diaper and every late night crying session with my little man. I love him already and I haven't even laid eyes on him. I am so excited!!
God is good! I just had to learn patients and trust.

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Anonymous said...

I am so happy you had a GREAT appointment!!! I can't wait to visit you and Rowynn in the hospital!! I will you soon for lunch..after turkey day:-)