Saturday, November 28, 2009

It's Beginning to Look a lot Like Christmas...

Here in Oklahoma, we have had 70 degree days both Friday and Saturday. Rusty decided to take advantage of the WONDERFUL weather by putting up our Christmas decorations. He wasn't sure if he was going to do it this year, with all of the other projects he has on his list, but the weather made it hard not to go for it. (Rusty actually had to mow before he started! It is November and Rusty mowed and put up lights in the same weekend... crazy!)

He strung the trees Friday and started putting out all of the lawn ornaments today.

It is always time consuming but the end result is nice to look at for a month.

We bought Abigayl the rocking horse last year and so it sits near her garden for her.

I'm looking forward to getting to see the house once night fall hits! I will try to get some pictures while it is dark, I'm not a photographer and so I can't promise much.

This year we finally bought inflatables. We have a snowman and a Santa. Rusty is thrilled because we have been eyeing them for a couple of years now.
Next on the agenda for today (tonight), tiling the laundry room. Poor guy has been non-stop for the last two days. At least he was able to get a break on Thanksgiving day.

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