Monday, October 12, 2009


There are many changes taking place in the Stamper household. Not only are we getting a nursery put together but Rusty has also taken on the project of turning a shop room out in the garage into a new laundry/mud room that will be accessible from our master closet.

Before the demo, the shop was Rusty's laundry room for his work clothes and a room to store odds and ends. I hated going in there because it was always so dirty. I can't wait for my laundry room to be right through the closet! Plus, he is putting in a bunch of new storage for me!

This is the room before the demo.

Yes, you are seeing things right... it has a pink floor and pink counter tops.

Here are the new cabinets that will be installed.

Plus, I will have a counter to fold clothes on!

Here is Rusty banging out the counter top... bye, bye yuckyness!

After all of his hard work all that is left are four walls and a concrete floor. I'm loving the blank canvas we have to work with.

So much better.

Next up is moving the plumbing around, tape, mud and paint.

Here is Rusty painting Rowynn's closet. Thanks to our wonderful neighbor (who loaned us his paint sprayer) he was able to do the whole thing in under 10 minutes!

Last week I went ahead and cleaned out Abigayl's closet. All of these bins are filled with outfits she never got to wear. So, most of them still have the tags on. When she gets a little sister it will be nice to finally get to use the outfits. I even found a couple of things that Rowynn could wear. No, they're not pink!
So, I will keep you posted with lots of pictures of our progress! Exciting things are happening around here and I can't wait to show off the finished progress.

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Anonymous said...

Looks great!!! I can't wait to see the "after" picture. You two are such inspritions...Wayne and I also set out to do home improvements but it seems like we never finsh :-)