Tuesday, October 20, 2009

So Far...

Rusty has ran the water for two washers and is (as I type) in the process of running the gas for one of our dryers (thankfully, one is gas and the other is electric).

As of today, I have finished painting two cabinets and started the staining process on four others. Tomorrow, I will add the glossy finish and then I will have completed what I can for the project.

Here we have the painted cabinets with the counter top set on top. I bought tile today so we could try to find one that we like. We decided on the one that is in the front row (row away from cabinets) and on the right side.

Here are two of the four (the other two are identical to this) stained cabinets. All four will hang on the wall above the counter top. We are going to go buy two more sets like the one pictured to hang on either side of the window in the room (above the washers and dryers). I'm looking forward to having SO much storage space! It is DEFINITELY needed.
Hopefully I will have more updates later in the week or at least by the weekend!

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the Provident Woman said...

Wow! They're looking good!