Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Fair-ly Crazy

I'm a little late on the post but I thought better late than never! Unfortunately, I didn't take my camera so it will be all commentary (boring!).

Sunday afternoon we headed out to the Tulsa State Fair and my goodness was it chilly! I'm not accustom to this cool weather so early... but I'm sure enjoying it. (I actually have the fire going as I am typing this)

Please, I beg you, do not read this and judge me. I have a weakness for food. Especially fair food that is dripping with goodness and fried and lovely.

Okay, my first stop was at the pineapple whip stand. I'm not sure what it is but I know that it was cold pineapplely. It was good. A little bland for my taste but it was good. I only ate half because I figure, why waste the calories on something I don't LOVE?! Then, while looking for the fried green tomatoes stand, I came across the gyro stand and decided I needed one. My goodness it was delicious! I think I will be eating that every year.

There it was, shining like a beacon, the prized fried green tomato stand. That is our favorite food at the fair. We wait a whole year to eat those delicious little things. And they didn't disappoint this year! What was sad, as I was sitting there eating a fried green tomato, I spotted a stand that had fried salsa and cheese olive, fried mushrooms and fried peaches (among many other things!) but I was drawn to the fried peaches and knew I had to have some fried mushrooms. So, I left the tomatoes with Rusty while I went to grab more treats.

The peaches were SO good. There was a cinnamon dipping sauce that just completed the whole taste bud adventure. Since we had gorged ourselves on so many wonderful things, we decided we should take a break from the food to enjoy some of the inside booths. To my delight, we hit the fair on the evening that they were giving away the ribbons for the sugar arts/cakes. The person giving away the ribbons is a woman I have seen on Food Network many times during the Challenge shows! Also, one of the cake people I have seen on the same show was there. It was pretty neat to get to see people I watch on TV right there at the Tulsa State Fair.

After a couple more buildings we decided to grab a caramel apple, sit, eat and rest. I'll tell you, that caramel apple was the greatest thing I have ever put in my mouth. The apple was not to sweet but not to tart and the caramel was soft and chewy and perfect! It was heaven on a stick.

Before leaving, we headed over to the petting zoo and was able to pet almost everything in there! It was fantastic.

Animals, food and great company... perfection!


amy said...

I figure that when you eat at a carnival or fair there are no calories because you cannot see the product labels. It makes me feel better!! :)

cbower52405 said...

what happens at the fair, stays at the fair. just like vegas. you can eat whatever you want.

sorry i've been out of the loop lately, i'm finally catching up on blogs!! shoot me an email when you've got time. :)
<3 carrie b.