Saturday, October 3, 2009


Lately Rowynn has been pretty active. Of course, there are times when he sleeps but when he is awake he is really moving. For the last day or two I have been able to feel his movement with my hand on my belly. Unfortunately, Rusty hasn't been able to catch a time when Rowynn was moving around so that he could feel it.

Today though, I was sitting on the couch and Rusty was in the kitchen when I SAW the movement! I had Rusty come in and he put his hands on my belly. He wasn't feeling anything so he took his hands off and we just watched my belly for a minute... there it was, a little thump and we both were able to see Rowynn doing his thing!!

Yeah... this is the best part for me about being pregnant. I love feeling and seeing the movements. It makes the pregnancy so fun and provides a huge connection for me.

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amy said...

I have to say that feeling the baby and actually being able to see without seeing is beautiful. That was one of my most favorite parts!! :) There really is nothing like that connection.