Saturday, October 31, 2009

Rusty's New Favorite Sandwich....

Last week I made "Marlboro Man's Favorite Sandwich" from The Pioneer Woman's website. It was YUMMY!

But, today I made "Marlboro Man's 2nd Favorite Sandwich" and this turned out to be Rusty's favorite. I seem to be torn between the two!

To start, I used 2 chicken breasts (boneless/skinless), 5 slices of pepper bacon, 4 slices of cheese, lemon pepper seasoning and 3/4 of a loaf of ciabatta bread from Panera.

Start by browning your bacon in a skillet with a lid (I used medium-med/high heat).

While the bacon is cooking, pound out your chicken breasts.

I place mine in a freezer bag to do this. PW placed her chicken between two sheets of parchment paper.

I don't have a meat mallet so I use my trusty rolling pin. Just whack it until it is thin.

This is what mine looked like.

Now lay on the lemon pepper seasoning (both sides). I know that next time I will put more on than I did. I was afraid to over season but I learned my lesson. Trial and error... there wasn't much error but just knowing that you can't really over do it.
Pull the bacon out of the pan when it is nice and done. Drain all but 1 Tablespoon for the bacon grease.

Now throw your chicken breasts into the grease and fry it for ~ 4 minutes per side (medium heat).

It will be nicely brown.
After the chicken has cooked for ~ 4 minutes on the second side, lay the bacon on the chicken breast.

Next, put your cheese on top of the bacon then cover with a lid.

After about 2 minutes, your cheese should be nice and melty.

Looks good... tastes GOOD to!!

Mmmm..... delicious! I used a little grey poupon mustard on my sandwich. I like a little kick. Rusty isn't a mustard fan so he ate his just like this. Both of us REALLY enjoyed this sandwich.
Plus, it was SUPER easy to make and made a perfect lunch.

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Jamie Jo said...

That looks amazingly delicious!!