Wednesday, September 2, 2009


Yesterday was a little like Christmas for me, I received six boxes... yes, six... from Pampered Chef! Unfortunately, not all of the content in those six boxes are going into my kitchen cabinets.

I had the pleasure of sorting through the mess of stuff and separating it into piles so I could get all of my guests items in order. After it was all said and done, this is what the end product looked like (minus the 6 orders I have already delivered).

And, this was the mess of boxes I was left after unpacking the main six plus all of the packaging for my products. It is times like now that I wish the great state of Oklahoma had a recycling program half as good as California's.

But, I can deal with the mess because I have all of these new toys to play with in my kitchen!! I used the skillet and mandolin (with the cheese grater attachment) to make a quesadilla yesterday. I love the mandolin. I can't wait to use it for all sorts of other things, like slicing onions all the same thickness for hamburgers!

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Jamie Jo said...

How fun! I love new things!