Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Birds and Baby...

Though we still don't know what we are having, it is a 50/50 right?! So, while at Cracker Barrel this past weekend they were having their sidewalk sale and had onsies for only $3! So, we couldn't resist two little boy onsies by John Deere. Not on sale, were the adorable OU booties and pacifiers. Since those could be used either way, it was a must!
Also, my mom was in town and while we were browsing for her some stuff to take back up to Alaska, she bought the baby some new BPA free bottles and this sleep mat. I helps support the baby and keep them from rolling around. Also, it lays at an incline which helps with digestion and breathing.

While sitting at the desk, typing and searching away, my bird friend came back to the brush pile. This time, he put on a show with his wings. It was pretty neat.
(You may need to click on the picture to enlarge it)
By the way.... ONLY ONE MORE WEEK (and one day)!!!!!


Anonymous said...

At least your daughter will be able to wear those cute onesies under her frilly dresses. Because I'm predicting a girl, and like I told you, I'm never wrong (in my own mind).

rena said...

this is what your back yard looks like!! so cool!