Monday, September 21, 2009

Hot Dogs, Marshmallows and Fire (after the ice)

Last night, Rusty decided that it was time to burn the brush pile. Mind you, this brush pile has been piled up for at last a year (scattered for the year prior to that). So, it was an exciting thing to finally think of being rid of the large pile that made mowing a little more of a chore than it already is.
The brush pile came to be because of an ice storm that hit in 2007. The ice storm not only created a huge mess of tree limbs and dead trees but it also knocked out our power for a full week.
Here are some lovely pictures from our wonderful ice storm.

The ice storm was much fun especially being pregnant! Thankfully Rusty had a generator on his work truck so we were able to have a light, the TV and the refrigerator.
Back to last night, Rusty started the fire at about 6:30 and our friends arrived at 6:45. We loaded up all of our cooking supplies in the truck and drove on back to the back field. After deciding that the fire was a little too big and hot for us women and children to cook on, we took some of the wood to our little fire pit in the back yard.
We roasted some hot dogs, ate some mac and cheese, had a little burn accident (don't worry, his little hand is OK) and then loaded the cooler back up so we could take it back to the back field to make s'mores with Rusty. Unfortunately, I didn't get any pictures until I was getting ready to go to bed and I snapped one from the back porch.

So here is our fire at 9pm last night. Poor Rusty ended up being out there until after 11! Sad part is, not all of the wood burned and we still have a couple of pieces that will need some extra time some other night. That's okay though, that just gives us another excuse to have friends over again and have another cook out.

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