Tuesday, September 29, 2009

The Rest....

After our day of walking through Dogwood Canyon, we headed into Branson to do some shopping at the outlet mall.

Let's just say that Rowynn is already pretty spoiled!

After shopping, we decided on some put-put

It was tons of fun and not to crowded

As you can see, I think we all know who was the talented one that night! Two, yes two, holes in one! I know.. I pretty much rock!

Sunday we headed back home, sadly. We both would have really like to have been able to spend just one more day relaxing and enjoying the beauty of Big Cedar.
On our way home, we stopped off in Carthage, MO at the Precious Moments Chapel. I can't believe what an amazing talent Sam Butcher is. I thought that he just made the figurines but he is actually a painter and a sculptor/carver as well.

All of the murals were painted on the actual plaster! He had to stand on scaffolding for hours at a time to paint these pictures.

This is on the ceiling. It is an unfinished angel.

Here are all of the little angles that are painted on the ceiling. It is so beautiful.

These pictures illustrate Genesis 1

This side of the chapel illustrates the old testament
And the other side, illustrated the new testament. His painting were incredible.

Along the side hallways he designed and made beautiful stain glass windows

Behind the chapel, there is a cave with a precious moments statue and a sign that reads, "He is not here, for he has risen"


When we arrived home, we unloaded all of the shopping bags from Saturday night. I don't know if we bought enough... maybe we should go back and get more!

We got these socks for him at a boutique here in Tulsa. But, I thought I would show them off.

Are these not the cutest little socks? He will get to look like he is wearing little shoes!


Brandi said...

Oh my gosh, Hunter had those socks & now Slayden wears them... they are my favorite. So cute, and no need for little shoes :)

Glad you guys had a great trip!

CampbellsLove said...

Wow look at all that stuff!! :-) I still haven't bought many clothes for Anisten, maybe like $50 bucks worth, she's still wearing all the stuff we've gotten! LOL. So, note to self, Stamper baby doesn't need clothes! Glad you guys had a good time!!