Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Weekend at the Lake

As it is a Stamper tradition to head to Grand Lake for the weekend, we loaded up to meet with all of Rusty's family (both immediate and extended). This time around, we were joined my my mom and also our friends, The Smiths. We had a fantastic time eating, swimming, boating and floating.

On the evening that we arrived, we decided to go down to the boat so Rusty could get some fishing in and we could take a little cruise around the lake. While Rusty was fishing off the boat in the slip, a little baby duck was making his way toward us making a little, distressed duck noise. I was so sad because I didn't see a mommy anywhere.

Thankfully, I had taken some corn chips down to snack on because when he came over toward us I crumbled some chips in the water for him. The only problem was that he didn't know how to eat them. So then, I tried throwing him a dead minnow but poor little guy didn't know how to eat that either. I was getting a little scared for the little guy because I didn't know what baby ducks eat and I didn't see any mom.

Well, Rusty saw a big duck land over across the shore and sure enough she started making her duck noises. That little baby duck practically ran across the water and we was talking up a storm to her. It was such a sweet moment. Yes, I cried a little... don't give me a hard time, I'm pregnant!
So, mom and baby made their way back over to where we were and she ate a bunch of chips and a couple of dead minnows before we headed off on a little boat ride. It was such a sweet ending!

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