Tuesday, September 29, 2009

JBF... with great friends

My friend Kimberlee sent me these beautiful flowers today. There is nothing like fresh, wonderful flowers to cheer me up. Thank you Kimberlee for being so thoughtful.
I received the flowers one hour before I was headed out the door to meet her and her sister, Kristin, at the "just between friends" sale here in Owasso. I had never heard of this until Kimberlee was telling me about it earlier in the day.
Thanks to Kristin, I was able to get into the sale at 6 pm instead of having to wait until 8 pm. It was a wonderful distraction for the evening and it gave me something very positive to do and focus on.
I was able to get this OU outfit with matching hat for only $4!!! STEAL

This is the rest of the good stuff I bought. I got all of the shoes for only ~$5/pair! They don't even look like they have ever been worn! Not only that, Kimberlee found some Trumpette socks that look like cowboy boots and they were almost half off what we paid for our tennis shoe ones! I recommend the sale to anyone with kids... check out the website to see if they have one in your area.

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Anonymous said...

Thank you SO much for this info!! It breifly was it on the news, and of course, ours was this last weekend. But there's one about an hour from here the end of Oct. But at least I'm on the e-mail list for next spring :-)