Monday, September 28, 2009

Eating, Walking, Shopping and Eating!

I am going to do this one in two separate posts. Otherwise, it would be super long and I don't want to make you sit in front of your computer for the next 2 hours reading and looking at my blog!

This weekend we went to Branson, MO to stay at Big Cedar Lodge and have a small getaway. Friday evening we checked into our room (which was amazing as usual) and headed down to Branson Landing to browse the shops. After eating a caramel apple it was time to head back to get some sleep. We are both early to bed and early to rise!

Saturday, we headed to breakfast at the restaurant on property and walked the grounds a little.

It was a cool morning so I was able to wear a sweater... my favorite weather! It was beautiful though and warmed up quite nicely.

One thing we have never done but have always talked about is going to Dogwood Canyon and walking around. We decided to skip Silver Dollar City and browse through nature instead.

We decided to walk instead of rent bikes and later would kick ourselves for not just getting a segway to ride! The walk is 3.2 mi to the end and then you get to turn around and come back! The first 3.2 mi were great! But, I was hurting by the time we got back.

There were lots of small waterfalls through out the park. Rusty stuck his hand in the water and said it was quite cold... darn, I was hoping for some swimming ;)

This bridge was built by hand by a group of Amish men in the 90's.

See, it went from sweater weather to tank top weather! I love the fall.

In areas of the park where you could only fish if you had a guide, the fish were big. Rusty bought some fish food and this guy would practically come out of the water to eat it!

Then we went to the Glory Hole where the fish must be use to being fed. They were the biggest trout I have ever seen. They would swim on top of each other trying to get the piece of food.

Behind us is a waterfall that falls into the Glory Hole. It was neat to look down at the fish and see just how big they were.

You can see a fish in the water from up here!
(you may have to click on the pic)

Rusty spotted this guy with his eagle eyes! I think he was a snapping turtle... I didn't put my finger down there to find out. I just took a picture instead.
We walked clear to Arkansas! And, it only took 3 miles to do it.

Time to turn around and see it all all over again.
Thankfully at the end we were able to eat a VERY yummy buffalo burger (raised at Dogwood Canyon) before making our way back to Big Cedar.
Come back tomorrow for the rest of the trip!

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Jill said...

I am so glad you had a good get-a-way! You guys are so cute! "Welcome to Arkansas" "Welcome to Missouri".. Tom looked at these with me too.