Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Northwest Debacle

This morning I was supposed to be on my way to the great state of Alaska. Instead, I am going to tell you about my VERY frustrating morning.

Last night I received a text that my flight on Northwest had been cancelled and I had new flight info. While trying to print my new boarding pass, I ran into a few problems. A phone call later I find out that my original flight is scheduled to leave on-time and I was put back on that flight. Yeah... Alaska here I come!!

This morning (4am) I had a text from NW that my flight was still showing on-time. Woo hoo! I proceeded to get ready so I could look pretty for my family (that matters to them). After all my primping I decided it might be a good idea to check my e-mail and flight status one more time. To my surprise, I had not one but two e-mails from NW. One stated that my flight was cancelled the other stated that it was on time. I know, I know.. I was confused too. That is why I picked up the phone and expressed my concern to the "customer service" representative.

She then informed me that my flight was indeed on time. I expressed my concern for the hazardous roads that lay ahead during our LONG, SLOW drive (normally 20 min, took ~60) and she said the flight is showing on time.

So, Rusty and I loaded up and headed out (5am). Arriving at the airport (6am) and into a line that didn't move for 20 minutes! I finally got all checked (6:25 am) in and was ready for some food and tea before heading to my gate. Thank goodness Starbucks was open (even though the weather was horrible) and I was able to get something in my belly.

After a snack and bathroom break it was time to face security. Due to the horrific weather, there wasn't even a line. I strip off my shoes and jacket and head on through. I do have to say, the TSA people were quite pleasant for a change. I really enjoy when those people are in good moods, it makes traveling so much more enjoyable!

Off I go for my gate, happy as a clam that my flight is showing on time. Well boy was I a little peeved when I walked up to my gate to see a CANCELLED sign up. Mind you, every screen in the Tulsa airport showed ON TIME. To my surprise, I wasn't the only one left out of the loop, even the flight crew was unaware of the situation. They must have been pretty ticked or either that just very unfriendly people because they were quite rude about the whole thing.

Back down to the ticket counter for me! Funny thing, the monitor read that the flight was boarding!! By the time I got through the NW line with a new travel time the monitor said DEPARTED!!!

Any who... now I wait. I have been booked on a 5 pm flight (hopefully it makes it off the ground or Delta is a little more put together) and am hoping to be in Alaska in the next couple of days!!!

I'll keep you posted

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Katie Smith said...

Oh My goodness. I can't believe all the confusion. You poor thing. I am so glad you still get to go! Can't wait to hear how it goes. Post some pics for us!