Monday, January 19, 2009

New Computer!!

After much discussion on what we wanted for out birthdays (Rusty's is the 26th and mine is the 22nd) we decided a combined gift would be better. So, we decided on a new computer. Hallelujah!! With the laptop we both would get so frustrated with the absolute slowness. Granted, the laptop is almost 6 years old. But, it was SO slow. (My plan is to buy a wireless chip and a router so I can surf the net from the slow computer, on my comfy couch, while he watches sports!!)

After church and breakfast, we headed out for some computer shopping. Thanks to the Best Buy associate, we found the perfect one at the best price (he comparison shopped for us on the net!) and we didn't even have to run around to a bunch of different stores!

Now, my computer is lightening fast and I can do everything in no time! I am SO happy. I'm sure that when Rusty gets a chance to play with our new toy he will like it too. But, I'm like any typical youngest child.... I don't like to share my toys! So he can play with it while I'm in Alaska for two weeks!

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Powers Alaska said...

You should also buy an external hard drive to keep your pictures on. Pictures will bog down your computer really fast and use up all your memory. They are around $60 and it's a good way to keep your pictures safe if your computer ever crashes.