Thursday, January 1, 2009


New years eve was a really good day. I went up to Bartlesville to have lunch with friends. We went to the yummiest place, Murphy's. (Best hot hamburgers, fries, gravy and lemon meringue pie) One of the girls has a one month old and a soon-to-be 4 year old. So, after lunch we all went with her to watch her beautiful girls get their first portraits together done. I was lucky enough to get to hold that sweet, beautiful baby! It felt so right getting to hold a baby again. I'm so thankful for opportunities like that.

After the portrait session, I rushed home so Rusty and I could make it to Tulsa in time to visit Abigayl. We got to wish her happy new year and cry a few tears for her.

We then had dinner at Bonefish Grill. If you have one around you, you should go, the food is great. After dinner we headed to my friends house. We had a great time getting to hang out, pig out and play games.

There were three couples so we split into girls against guys for a game of pictionary.

Trying to guess the drawings.
This was an all-play so anyone could guess. Husband against wife.
Another all-play, Rusty's doing his best.
My turn!
After pictionary (the girls blew the guys out of the water) we played a little trivial pursuit. That is a HARD game. I don't know enough trivia. So, we called it guys win (they had 2 triangles against our 1) to bring in 2009.
We counted down and then kissed (our spouses!)
My camera's time must be off. It was a couple minutes after midnight on this one.
I pray that this year is as great and better than last year. Last year was the best and worst year of our life. We experienced absolute, pure joy and absolute devastation. I hope that this year we only experience pure joy. I'm hoping that we will all get to watch my belly grow and a new baby be brought into this world. I look forward to sharing all of my ups and downs with you through this next year.

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