Wednesday, December 1, 2010


 I love keepin' it real on here so, here ya have it. The morning of Thanksgiving. In all my glory. Poor Rowynn, this is the only picture he has from his first Thanksgiving! Yes, I was coloring my hair while prepping some Thanksgiving food. Yes, my 9 month old is biting on an apple. Yes, that apple may or may not have been washed at that exact moment. Don't pass judgment. You know your not perfect!!
 Thank you Old Navy for having an AWESOME black Friday sale so I could buy my lovely son this WARM jacket with hat and gloves for only $22 big ones. Old Navy helped my little man stay roasty toasty on our walk through Rhema to see their BEAUTIFUL lights display.
 This tunnel plus the lights surrounding it are all set to music. It is magical.

 I think Rowynn was more interested in the people than the lights! Maybe next year will be different for him.
 I love that he stands up and peeks out the windows. Matter of fact, I love EVERYTHING about this boy.
 My little Christmas elf.
He pulls up on what ever he can get his hands on! 

Rowynn now opens drawers and cabinets, flips the light switch, clicks his tongue and even crawls up and down low steps! He is getting so big.

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