Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Christmas Eve

 I tried to spoil Rusty over the 3 day weekend with lots of yummy cooking. One of the ways, breakfast every morning. I even had "help"!
(Please don't mind the mess or that ALL of my cabinet doors are open!)
 Loves to bang on things. We were banging on the oven door.

 "I'm going to get you daddy!"
 After breakfast and a nap (Rowynn, not the mom or dad!) we headed up to Kansas to visit Grandma. It was nice to sit and visit. Rowynn enjoyed crawling around the house!
 When we got home it was time to open ONE present.
 What could it be???
 New PJ's for Rowynn and daddy!
My handsome guys

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Powers Alaska said...

Yay! Christmas PJs are my favorite tradition!