Monday, December 6, 2010

10 Months!

 And messy. He decided the wipes didn't need to be in the package anymore. They REALLY needed to be on the floor. 

Never leave the wipes where Rowynn can get to them. *check*
 As soon as I pointed the camera at him he crawled, fast, to where I was standing. Sorry for all the blur.
Once he got to where I was standing, he was pulling up on my leg so he could stand with me. Little goober!

Funny thing about pulling up using my pant leg. I was in the kitchen the other day and wearing my pajama pants. Next thing I know, I have sweet Rowynn using my pant leg as a handle to help him up. As soon as he started tugging on my pant leg, my pajama pants started sliding.... downward. Yeah. No fun! Especially since my hands were all messy with some cooking going on.

Oh well, if the worst thing Rowynn does to me is pants me in the kitchen while I'm cooking, I'll take it. I know it is a lot better than other things that could be dished out!


Bearbie said...

He is sooo cute to me!!!! This age is a fun age enjoy him....I LOVE BABY!!!! next thing you know he will be in Kindergarten :)

Allyn said...

LOL..this made me laugh. way too cute. I can't wait til Charlotte is moving about.