Friday, December 3, 2010


I have missed day one and two but I am starting with day three of #reverb10 prompts to "reflect on the year and manifest the next".

Each day they give a topic to blog about, today is moment. More specifically, a moment this year that made me feel alive.

I chose February 5, 2010. Not to say I wasn't "alive" before but a part of me was not feeling and not alive for 17 months prior to this day. At 7:30 am on February 5th, that part was alive and well. I was bursting with pride, joy, fear, love and a little moment of loss. At that moment I heard the very first cry of my sweet little man, Rowynn Russell.

Seconds later Dr. G held that sweet, little thing over the curtain so I could get my first look. He was slimy and red and screaming.

I don't blame him for the screaming. Poor thing went from a 98.6 degree cocoon to a 60 degree, bright room. On top of that he was being held over a curtain when he was used to being so tightly bound in my belly he could barely move. I TOTALLY understand the screaming!

The hard part about being a c-section mom is that after the initial look Rowynn gets taken to the other side of the room where he is cleaned up and weighed. Then he is brought over for a 2 second kiss and face cuddle before baby and hubby are whisked down the hall to the comfy room with the awaiting family. It isn't until 20 minutes later that I actually got to really hold him and examine his sweet face. The amazing part about holding Rowynn that first time and really looking him over was the uncanny resemblance to his sister.

God may not always answer ALL of my prayers, like having a girl, but he answered the one about Rowynn looking just a little bit like his sister. My amazing God didn't just make Rowynn look a little like his sister, God went beyond my beyond and made Rowynn look like he could be Abigayl's twin.

Our God is and awesome God.

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