Monday, December 27, 2010

Chistmas.... with Rusty's Family

 After a DELICIOUS dinner at Cheesecake Factory, we headed over to my father-in-law's house for some gift giving with the family.
 All the sweet kiddos went first. I am blessed with LOTS of nieces and nephews.
 Rowynn took a while but we finally got them all opened! Honestly, he could have cared less about the packages but he enjoyed the toys inside!
 Love, love, love his sock monkey jack-in-the-box.....
 and so does he!
 Love, love, love the blanket that his aunt Tiffaney made for him. Though, I believe that I am getting a lot more use than he is at the moment. Someday he will be able to use it. But, until then I will keep the blanket company on my couch!
 Oh, then there was the giant Mickey! Rowynn loves Mickey.
 Daddy's turn to help with presents!
 Wait, bottle break. A boy's gotta eat!

 Love these blocks! They are wood blocks that have letters, numbers, math symbols and animals. He likes when we stack them so he can knock them over! He also thinks they taste pretty good.

This was a wonderful Christmas with the family. Rusty and I both enjoyed watching Rowynn "open" his presents but most of all we enjoyed getting to have our baby with us.

We all walked away feeling a bit spoiled and we had such a lovely time with the family. Too bad we all don't get together more often.

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