Wednesday, May 12, 2010


One of Abigayl's favorite blankies was her taggie blankie that she got from her auntie's, Megan and Laura, and her great-aunt Shari and great-uncle Ken.

When we saw them on mother's day, they had a taggie blankie for Rowynn!! Not only did he get a taggie blankie, but he got a taggie wrist rattle and taggie toy to hang from his carrier! I am super excited. We have already put all three to good use.
I finally took a few 3 month pictures. Thankfully a professional will be coming this weekend to do the job the right way! Rowynn will have an appointment today for his 3 month check-up. So, I'll have stats to post later today! I'm sure he's pretty big.

As for my eye, I had an appointment yesterday and he said that it is the best he has seen it look so far! The reason my vision is still clouded is from the debris that is left. He dropped me down to 40mg of prednisone and will continue to ween me off over the next 4 weeks.

Last time the inflammation flared back up when I hit 20mg. The hope is that I have been on a strong enough dose for long enough that the inflammation will not come back and I will be back to 100%.

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sandy F said...

Samuel has a couple of taggie toys and he doesn't like them...or really he is indifferent about them. I hope when he gets older he will like them. Rowynn is just adorable :)