Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Flower Power

Rusty, being the sweet husband that he is, helped Rowynn buy me some flowers the night of my Bunco party. Look how beautiful they are!
I'm so blessed to have such an amazing husband. What is even more of a blessing, he is going to pass down his sweet and amazing qualities to our beautiful son. I pray that Rowynn will be just like his daddy.

I guess I'm just surrounded by beautiful flowers! Not only do I have the beautiful arrangement inside but I have some amazing flowers growing outside....
These roses used to be in front of our bedroom window but we moved them because the thorns were tearing up the screen. I'm amazed at how well they do even after being moved! Next up are the double knock-out rose bushes in Abigayl's garden. They are EXPLODING with blooms and look so nice. What a great investment!
Be sure to stop and smell the roses today!

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