Monday, May 10, 2010

Mother's Day

My Mother's Day started on Saturday night when Rusty had me open my present. Inside the gift bag was this: It is a Sony Reader!! I have been wanting an electronic reader for a while now and now I am the proud new owner of a red one! I have been using it the last couple of nights and I LOVE it! This thing makes reading a 400+ page book way easier.
Rowynn lovin' on his Mickey
Sunday ended up being a VERY busy day. Thankfully, Rowynn was an angel ALL day. The poor guy didn't get to take one nap in his own bed. The amazing part is that he very rarely got fussy! God sure did bless us with an amazing little boy!
The day started off with breakfast at Cracker Barrel then it was brunch with Rusty's dad, step-mom, aunts, uncles, cousins and grandma. We had brunch at McGill's Steakhouse at Hard Rock Casino. It was AMAZING! Plus, it was great to see all the family. I really enjoy getting to spend time with all of them and it doesn't happen near enough.
After brunch, we headed down to Bixby to see Rusty's mom and grandma. While in the area we decided to stop off to see his brother and his family. Rowynn got to meet a lot of new people that day! Rowynn with his grandma Linda
Rowynn with his great-grandma Jean Our happy family Not a great one of Rusty and I but Rowynn looked so cute I had to post it! My first Mother's Day getting to hold one of my babies. It was an amazing and special day for me. I know that I am truly blessed. God has not only given my the most incredible husband but he has given me two beautiful children. I love those cheeks!Even after a LONG day, Rowynn was smiling.
Though I wish I could have held both my babies yesterday, I am so glad that God gave me Rowynn. I'm so happy getting to hold him, feed him, rock him and love him. Just looking at him brings a smile to my face. I look forward to celebrating many more mother's day holding my little man.

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